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A teacher needs to know a student’s academic strengths and academic challenges. Any learner typically is either an auditory learner, a kinesthetic learner, or a visual learner. The strengths, the challenges, and the learning style(s) allow a teacher to plan lessons specifically for that student.

Individualized instruction is an integral strategy to aid children with different learning preferences. In order to meet individual challenges, lessons must be structured for learning modalities by incorporating auditory, kinesthetic, and visual techniques. Applying a variety of approaches to the learning process is equally important. Guided individual instruction is necessary to provide an environment where children use self-discovery and a hands-on approach to learning. 

 Assessment drives instruction. In order to facilitate instruction, the teacher needs to involve students in the process of assessment by showing them rubrics of their work, giving them self-check rubrics of their work, giving them self-check and self-evaluation exercises, and teaching them to self-appraise their work. These actions will help students develop the abilities to judge their own accomplishments and to set goals for themselves. 

As a tutor, I help students with all areas of academic improvement. My warm and loving personality makes me a wonderful role model for other people.

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